Peugeot Boxer - Euro NCAP 2024 Commercial Van Safety - Gold medal

  • 02-JUL-2024

Peugeot Boxer
Tested model: FIAT E-Ducato
Applies to: Boxer (ICE) and e-Boxer (electric), model year 2024 on

The Peugeot Boxer now shares the safety improvements which have been made to the FIAT Ducato, to which it is a twin. Rated as Bronze in 2023, the Peugeot Boxer obtains a Gold rating in 2024. Well equipped, both for passive and active safety, and with generally strong ADAS performance, the Boxer is a good choice for those looking for safety in a commercial van.

Images and datasheet of the 2024 Peugeot Boxer Commercial Van Safety tests.

To view the performance of the twin, please visit the media page of the FIAT Ducato.