Nissan Primastar - Euro NCAP 2024 Commercial Van Safety - Gold medal

  • 02-JUL-2024

Nissan Primastar
Tested model: Renault Trafic, Diesel, LHD
Applies to: Model Year 2024 onwards

The Nissan Primastar is a twin to the Renault Trafic, which has been tested here. The Primastar, rated Silver in 2023, comes with increased levels of safety in 2024, taking it to Gold. The 2024 van comes equipped with most of the important ADAS features as standard, and these generally perform well. The van is not required by legislation to have Lane Keep Assistance as it has hydraulic steering, and some passive safety equipment, like passenger and side curtain airbags, are optional only. But the Primastar performs well and represents a good choice for those seeking a safe commercial van.

Images and datasheet of the 2024 Nissan Primastar Commercial Van Safety tests.

To view the performance of the twin, please visit the media page of the Renault Trafic.