• 23-MAY-2012

Euro NCAP Releases New Tests' Results: More Car Manufacturers in Step with Higher Pedestrian Safety Standards

BMW 3 Series– Driver crash test
In the latest set of Euro NCAP results, the BMW 3 Series, Hyundai i30, Mazda CX-5 and Peugeot 208 have received Euro NCAP's maximum five star rating. All four vehicles show that car makers are rising to Euro NCAP's challenging 2012 5 star requirements, especially in the area of pedestrian protection where the thresholds have been significantly increased this year. Furthermore, Audi has received the coveted Euro NCAP Advanced reward for its 'Pre Sense front plus' technology, the second such reward given to the German car maker. The Audi pre sense front plus technology is available on the Audi A6, which achieved 5 stars in 2011.With two long range radars positioned at the front of the car, Audi pre sense front plus is designed to help avoid or mitigate accidents into the rear of cars ahead. The system, available as an option throughout the European Union, can detect vehicles ahead which the car is likely to hit unless action is taken by the driver. Through Euro NCAP advanced, the organization continues to raise consumers' awareness on systems which offer a significant safety benefit. Available content includes videos and still images of all cars tested.