• 09-JAN-2014

Euro NCAP Announces the Best in Class Cars of 2013

Renault ZOE - Frontal crash test 2013
Each year, Euro NCAP identifies the models tested that have achieved the highest scores in their respective class. In 2013, a total of 33 cars were tested in 7 different categories. The top achievers gained the highest overall scores, calculated from the results achieved in adult, child, pedestrian protection and safety assist tests.

The 2013 best in class cars are:

• Renault ZOE – Supermini
• Qoros 3 Sedan – Small Family
• Lexus IS 300h – Large Family
• Kia Carens and Ford Tourneo Connect – Small MPV
• Jeep Cherokee – Small off-road 4X4
• Maserati Ghibli – Executive

The Qoros 3 Sedan becomes the best performer of any car subjected to Euro NCAP's crash tests in 2013 and is the first vehicle developed in China to achieve the highest five star rating under the overall rating scheme. The Supermini electric car Renault ZOE and the Large Family car Lexus IS 300h were the all-round performers of the electric/hybrid cars tested by Euro NCAP in 2013. This year, the best in class honour in the Small MPV category is shared by the Kia Carens and Ford Tourneo Connect. Finally, the Jeep Cherokee and the Maserati Ghibli also receive the coveted designation from Euro NCAP in the Small Off-Road 4X4 and Executive categories respectively.

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