• 31-JAN-2012

Euro NCAP Names 2011 Best in Class Cars

Volvo V60 – Child Rear Seat crash test
Last year, Euro NCAP published the results for 53 new car models available on the European market, among which the first commercially available Electric Vehicles. Eleven cars achieved four stars whilst Euro NCAP's poorest result was achieved by Dacia Duster with three stars. To be selected safest cars of their categories, the following vehicles achieved a five star rating and showed good scores in each of Euro NCAP's four areas of assessment. The top achievers per category are the Ford Focus ( Small Family), Volvo V60 (Large Family), Chevrolet Aveo (Supermini), Audi Q3 (Small Off-Road 4x4) and Mercedes B Class (Small MPV). A solid safety record has become absolutely essential and indispensable for car manufacturers on the European market. Thanks to ever evolving technology, an array of new safety features and sophisticated systems are available to car buyers today. Euro NCAP's ratings are reflecting the progress made, highlighting cars designed to exceed consumer expectations on safety and those that fall short. After an intense year, it is time for Euro NCAP to announce which cars are the best in class for 2011. Available content includes footage and still images of the top achievers cars.