FIAT Doblo - Euro NCAP 2024 Commercial Van Safety - Gold medal

  • 27-MAR-2024

FIAT Doblo

Tested model: ë-Berlingo + Safety Pack

Applies to: all Doblos, 3rd generation, K9, from 2018

The van tested was the electric version of the Citroën Berlingo, a twin of the Doblo.The FIAT Doblo comes with a variety of powertrains and the rating applies to all. Much of the safety equipment on the Doblo comes as an option. This is disappointing, as it comes as standard on the passenger versions of the van. The safety systems show limited performance compared with competitors in this segment and the Doblo offers a Gold level of safety to those willing to pay for the options.

Datasheet of the 2024 FIAT Doblo Commercial Van Safety tests.

To view the performance of the twin, please visit the media page of Citroën Berlingo.